About GirlBuzz

Brought to you by the people (ok, person: Rebekah Bastian) who brought you Extremely First Ventures, GirlBuzz is not, in fact, a real startup. The business is made up and the images are AI-generated.

However, ridiculous as it may appear, GirlBuzz is not that far from reality. From the pinky glove that was invented and invested in by men to help woman with the “gross” experience of removing a tampon, to the white men that received record funding for their diversity hiring startup – funding that many talented founders  of color weren't able to raise – bias in venture capital is a breeding ground for ridiculousness. I wrote more about the need for more equity in the VC ecosystem here

Not only is the idea of GirlBuzz being created and invested in my men not that far from reality... the premise of the product is based on data as well. The further that women grow in leadership, the more they get scrutinized for personality traits like being too aggressive, abrasive or assertive. I wrote more about that pattern here

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