taking the bossy out of the #GirlBoss

Every woman wants to be a #GirlBoss.

But sometimes, when she finally gets that seat at the table, she can get a little too… bossy 😬 

She might speak too loudly or out of turn, act too aggressive, or say things with too much authority. It’s not good for anybody.

That’s where GirlBuzz comes in! 

Our beautifully-bedazzled #girlboss necklace not only makes her feel like the boss she longs to be. Cutting-edge AI within the pendant detects when her tone has become too abrasive or assertive, and gives her a subtle buzz, to remind her to tone it down… just a bit 😘

The accompanying app lets her track how many times she was buzzed in the last week, and compare that with her historical data. So that she can work towards less buzz, more boss™️.


“I love the way it calls out the women on my team subtly, so I don’t have to.”

-Adam, accounting manager

“This is brilliant. I got it for my colleague, who always acts so high & mighty about her PhD and years of experience. And I love the way it accentuates her collar bones.”

-Phil, lab technician 


AI-Powered Wearable Startup, GirlBuzz, Receives $500M From Extremely First Ventures to Democratize Personality Feedback for Professional Women 

March 26, 2023 | Palo Alto, CA

The promising AI wearable startup just announced the close of their pre-seed round of $500M at a $3B valuation, led by Extremely First Ventures. The unicorn startup says their wearable personality buzzer will be out of beta later this year.